Molly Hatch

Born the daughter of a painter and an organic dairy farmer, Molly Hatch was raised to be creatively industrious - using her imagination and love of drawing to make everything from her collection of idiosyncratic ceramics to furniture to pen-and-ink drawings.  Molly's craft is finely honed, her designs whimsically literal and pop-culturally on-point.

Working form her basement studio, Molly began her career as a studio potter in 2008.  Her formal education in ceramics, printmaking and drawing resulted in the development of her signature style.  Making contemporary ceramics inspired by art history, Molly's career as a studio potter quickly garnered a loyal following.  In 2010, Molly launched her first tableware collection with great success.

Now, working from her studio in Northampton, MA, Molly's designs have expanded beyond tableware to a wide range of lifestyle products from stationery to quilting fabrics and more.  Molly is actively building her collections of home goods to bring her modern yet traditional designs to the contemporary home.

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Collections - Tea Garden, French Hen, Scandinavian Folk