Verde Cosi by Suzanne Luby Ahrens

European gardens; a layering botanical texture, transparency, light and a sprinkle of French music is the inspiration for Verde Cosi.

Suzanne Luby Ahrens, founder of Verde Cosi, is a diverse designer and artist who savors life in her garden while creating art and surface designs.  It is this simple aesthetic that is subtly present in all of Suzanne's art, photography, print making and fabric design.  She has designed fabric collections, handmade textile home and fashion wares, paper goods, fine floral lifestyle photography, watercolor portraits and city landscapes as a juried and licensed artist.  Customers immediately feel at ease in the fresh botanical environment Suzanne creates with Verde Cosi artisan wares.

Suzanne's vision is to transport people with Verde Cosi brand wares to a European garden with lots of cappuccino and a view of the ocean.

"It is my education in Italy and U.S.A.; childhood by the ocean, trips to Europe and my experience as a mother, sewer, and gardener that continue to surround the excitement in my work."

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