In October of 2015, Aileen Winter Mostel and Barbara Wallace Winter launched WinterPrint, a surface pattern design business, to market and license Aileen's repository of mesmerizing photographic images.  For a lifetime Aileen and Barbara have shared an ongoing conversation about creating, making and building.  Natives of the Deep South, their ancestral roots have influenced the fundamentals of WinterPrint, crafting a family business based on a lifelong love of textiles, gardens and design.

Early influences came from their maternal Grandmother who taught them as young girls to love the art of sewing, threads, needles, notions and fabric, forging the fundamentals of WinterPrint.  An observer of patterns and design Aileen has long been attracted to textiles, paper, wood and ceramics, spending her life in the disciplines of sewing, calligraphy, graphic design, theater design, book design, landscape, moving sculpture and computer-based design.  Through her tenactiy in a struggle with a long endured illness, the images became a refuge.  "When it all began, there was no destination, it was just an exploration..."  The melding years and array of her experiences have led to WinterPrint.

Following in the footsteps of her physician father and nurse mother, Barbara spent forty-two years weaving through a professional career of nursing and midwifery, replete with stories of the human condition, and innumberable life lessons.  Barbara's truest calling, however, has been the expression of spatial arrangement and the appreciation of design and style.  A life enriched by curiosity to envision and build gardens, interior space, or work with textiles, has been an enduring trait.  Her life altering pursuit to learn the ways of business and art licensing created the final element needed to launch WinterPrint.

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